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Saying okay in a sarcastic way. Saying no. Laughing at the fact that someone even asked you something.
Brooke & Kelli: Hey Ricky, wanna go buy Mario Party 8?

Ricky: D'okay, y'all aint got no money!
by rickysbuttwarts June 22, 2014
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1. A word used to accept a sexual request.
James: Hey baby, you wanna do it?
James' Girlfriend: D'OKAY
by ChippyBibbay February 22, 2008
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Short-hand for "doing okay."
When someone asks how you are doing, you can answer "I'm dokay".
by Don Sergio October 06, 2005
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The point of being okay and disturbed
My friend sent me an picture of a alien dog and I felt disturbed and okay so I was dokay
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