A D'mitri is a boy next door type that you can fall in love with and can break your heart. Be careful, he is hard to unravel and very stubborn. Underneath his big walls, there is love.
Man: Hey, is that D'mitri over there?
Woman: Yes, I believe so.
Man: I better go say hi.
Woman: I rather not. He and I are just neighbors. I wish we could be more.
by Mary Jane 111 March 16, 2010
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A D'Mitri is a tall guy who is a mack with all the females. Also very friendly and easy to talk to. He may look like a player to the public eye but he his a very loving and kind person after u meet him
Damn D'Mitri is so fine
by Blm3 March 14, 2017
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The term given to a person who loves to wear jumpers at all times.
Ouriach - Yo dawg what are you doing with that jumper on it's about so degrees out here. You crazy dawg.

Ben - I just love my jumper

Cool Mitch - You're a real d'mitri brandrett Ben
by Jamie Caraggggggher March 3, 2010
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Kind of short guy that got rejected 5 times and kinda sad life. Gets in trouble all the time. Bad man
D'mitri Patterson went up to selena and got rejected
by Spookydmdaboss1 May 7, 2022
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