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The greatest person to ever grace the Solar system. Also known as 'The G.O.A.T.' this extraordinary human being brings joy and laughter to any soul lucky enough to get a glimpse of their smile. A person with this name has an infinite amount of positive qualities; too many to name on this list in fact. A person of extreme wit and intelligence who can relate and converse with any and every person on the planet. Their kindness can touch anyones heart/soul regardless of age, personality, beliefs, race, species, etc. Pretty much if you breathe and live on planet Earth you NEED someone like this in your life!
I met this guy last night who was just so amazing! He was sweet, funny, smart, handsome, omg just perfect. I just can't remember his name...

With those traits, his name must have been D'marea
by DknightOkstate May 19, 2016
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