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The four defense girls of the Rice Hockey Team. Founded fall of 2005 by current D'Squad (sometimes refered to by the slang "squad")captains Meg and Sars (assistant captained by Amy and Carrot aka Emily), these are perhaps the coolest four girls you'll ever meet. Known for their excessive appeal to boys and their ability to fight crime on a regular basis, four these girls, D'Squad is not just a group, but a way of life.

Dress Code:
It's all about the black jerseys, hockey pants to the knees, bandanas, and sweatbands (its all purely gangster)

D'Squad Nicknames:
Mugsy, Snoop, Carrot, Dogg

D'Squad Stats:
3/4 brunette; 1/4 blonde
1/3 class of 2007; 1/2 class of 2008
1/2 figure skaters; 1/4 former figure skater; 1/4 never figure skated
3/4 righties; 1/4 thinks she's a rightie but really a leftie

Lover of hockey boys (especially Scotty), gangster music, Jesse McCartney, tinsel, teddy, napoleon, tom/johnny/willy, tom/johnny/willy's sons.

D'Squad Lingo:
"Suck it" = a common insult, similar to the meaning of "bite me"
"Figger" = a figure skater
4, 7, 17, 18 = the numbers we hold in our hearts

Basically famous, these girls know how to be in control. They keep things fun and their cool factor is constantly on the rise. Just one thing: don't try to join the squad or mess with the squad- their intimidation is craZy and these girls are NOT to be messed with.
noun. Did you hear about that D'Squad wannabe? There is no way she was as cool as the original D'Squad.

adj. Wow, she's so D'Squad. I wish I could be more like her.
by El Capitans April 26, 2005
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