man code for when you put the dick in the vagina.
-what's up bro what are you up to tonight?

--nothin much. Just goin over to my lady's to put

the D in the V.
by BigNorm October 29, 2009
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Down for the vagina. Used to describe someone who is desperate.
Guy 1: Yo you see that girl with the nice T's.
Guy 2: Yeah man.
Guy 1: So D for the V.
Guy 2: Brb.
by dforthev September 7, 2009
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Fucking; the Dick in Vagina game
Rachel and Luigi play the D in V game every day.
by hotty with a body October 1, 2006
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1.a woman who has a perfect verginer and does not have a verginer that looks less inviting for a man or a women

2.a woman who wants to have surgery to make her verginer look more inviting for the man or woman
my D V looks like Jena Jamerson's all trimmed and neet and i get so much more cock now
by dimond October 16, 2006
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desinger verginer for a female to have a neet and tidy pussy
shaun saw sally nakerd last niye and said she's got a D V
by dimond dunkley October 16, 2006
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Double penitration in the ass and the vagina at the same time. Double Vaginal Double Anal. The word originates from the movie Orgazmo.
The older porn starlets have to do the D V D A to stay in the buisness.
by Dustin Bowman April 5, 2006
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