Down for the vagina. Used to describe someone who is desperate.
Guy 1: Yo you see that girl with the nice T's.
Guy 2: Yeah man.
Guy 1: So D for the V.
Guy 2: Brb.
by dforthev September 7, 2009
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man code for when you put the dick in the vagina.
-what's up bro what are you up to tonight?

--nothin much. Just goin over to my lady's to put

the D in the V.
by BigNorm October 29, 2009
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Fucking; the Dick in Vagina game
Rachel and Luigi play the D in V game every day.
by hotty with a body October 1, 2006
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1.a woman who has a perfect verginer and does not have a verginer that looks less inviting for a man or a women

2.a woman who wants to have surgery to make her verginer look more inviting for the man or woman
my D V looks like Jena Jamerson's all trimmed and neet and i get so much more cock now
by dimond October 16, 2006
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desinger verginer for a female to have a neet and tidy pussy
shaun saw sally nakerd last niye and said she's got a D V
by dimond dunkley October 16, 2006
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well pretty much you are getting some pussy. pretty much all there is to it. you're destroying that fucking twat. get er' boy...
Yo Levi, I went over to Lindsey's house and put my d in her v.
by Edwards.Holden June 2, 2016
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