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The most weirdest person you'll ever meet, but she is also extremely warmed hearted, cute and usually wild. Some very unexpected people will fall deeply in-love with her. She has an amazing smile, very nice personality and can have you wondering about her for a while. She can make you do so unbelievable things at times, but you still do it.
She can be very sexually attractive at times, espically in heels. Most Cyinithia's have an incredible ass. Most Cyinithia's have the nickname Cici
WOW Cyinithia has DAT ASS!
by Mike844 June 12, 2012
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An amazing girl who you can always count on to be there for you no matter what happens , can also be really goofy at times but thats probably b/c she's either bored , tired or both XD, basically a girl who you could have a fun time with and act dumb with too, plus they tend to have the most beautiful smiles too .
1:Hey man , did you see her?
3:Her smile man, she's definitely a Cyinithia
by Fez1516 June 12, 2012
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