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The Cyberati are the "good guys" in the war against cyber terrorism.

A group or task force of highly trained individuals that prevent cyber crime and hackers from infiltrating business and government networks and systems.

The Cyberati also investigate breaches of security to determine the group or individual hacker responsible for the incident.

This is an expansion of the existing definition by Mr. J. D. Redmond.
Mr. Stevens, the security of the network was breached by hackers last night. It's time to call The Cyberati.
by TheCyberati May 18, 2011
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A phrase coined by Mr. J. D. Redmond, inspired by the character NEO from The Matrix, Cyberati are "tech Gods", the elite in the tech world, highly trained, tech professionals. The term "The Cyberati" can also be found on a website by the same name "".

Cyberati is a variant coined from 4 existing words:

literati: persons of scholarly or literary attainments; intellectuals.

illuminati: persons possessing superior enlightenment.

glitterati: High-profile celebrities; the social elites, famed, fashionable, adorable and learnéd. The beautiful people.

twitterati: The elite influencers on the social networking website.

If one combines all the attributes of the other "ATIs" and applies that to those in the tech world, that's the definition of Cyberati.
I just know how to turn my computer on. I don't understand megabytes, gigabytes, megahertz, ram, I.P. addresses, routers, and all that. Only the Cyberati can figure this stuff out.
by TheCyberati April 20, 2011
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