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A cyber-groupie is a special kind of internet troll. Unlike the typical internet troll, a cyber-groupie does not troll people with hateful messages or twitter terrorism but instead tries to use the Internet to prove the purity of his or her unrequited love to the object of his or her deranged affection, who is almost always a celebrity. Generally, the cyber-groupie thinks that fan pages or fake profiles are a subaltern that will evolve into a connection and correspondence with the object of his or her affection or fandom that will result romantic rapture. Some cyber-groupies have succeeded at connecting with the object of their affection but are always disappointed to realize that doing so does not transform who they are.
It's much more likely for a girl to succeed at being a cyber-groupie than it is for a guy to succeed at being a cyber-groupie.
by Rosebud1776 December 16, 2016
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