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An instrument used to identify or observe Jacuzzis and Cuzzin. It can be a telescope pointed at a jacuzzi, a map of the region, a satellite focused on a region's jacuzzis, a magnifying glass pointed at a Jacuzzi, or a pair of binoculars used to view Cuzzis and identify barriers to Cuzzin. A cuzziscope is a scientifically calibrated instrument to measure the distance to a Jacuzzi, and identify the potential barriers and obstacles between you and a Cuzzi. To have a successful Cuzzi Hoppin experience, it is important to have a Cuzziscope.
Guy 1: Yo check out my telescope!

Guy 2: Dude why is it not pointed at a Cuzzi

*Moves the telescope and points it at the Cuzzi

Guy 2: This is now a cuzziscope!!

Guy 1: Dude!!

Guy 2: Yo we need this, we gotta scope out the Cuzzi. Cuzziscopin.

Guy 3: Yo I heard they're planning to launch a Hubble Cuzziscope
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by Daytony500fan March 30, 2017
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