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A awkward six legged beast with three heads. This creature causes all living creatures around it to become tense and therefore to have a higher propensity to consume alcohol.

Other characteristics of this creature include hairy nipples, a compulsive gambling addiction, and the enjoyment of the smell of raw fish.

This creature is an undesirable pest and difficult to get rid of. They make atrocious pets.

The only way to kill this creature is to stab it in the gouch with a dismembered whale penis.

DO NOT FEED IT POPCORN.... it will initially enjoy the salty treat, but will then become agitated and pull out the teeth of an elderly man and force it to eat milk duds....
I fed popcorn to a Cuzarr at the bowling alley and had to start drinking because I didnt have a ribbed vibrator on me.....
by hairy nostril April 24, 2011
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