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1. Cutie-tanks are always very cute and loveable, they have never said a bad thing about anyone. Although they think that they are not very good at most things they usually excel at EVERYTHING that they do. Cutie-tanks always have some form of martial arts behind them, which makes them lethal weapons... they should not be messed with. Cutie-tanks always come with a best friend who will threaten to beat any boy who hurts their Cutie-tank to the ground with bricks in their purse. Cutie-tanks have amazing personalities and are extremely beautiful inside and out, they know themselves and always try and help others. Supportive and understanding a true Cutie-tank will never let her friends feel like they are alone, even if they are being inconsolable morons who constantly complain about an ex that they dated for under two months. Altogether amazing. Usually are named Bianca.

Guy 1: Holy crap did you see that cute girl kick that guys ass for being mean to her best friend?!

Guy 2: Yeah! She's awesome! I think her name is Bianca

Guy 1: Must be a Cutie-tank
by SmartChick18 November 13, 2011
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