You are the cutest person in the world. 🥰🥺💕
don't listen to others, you are the cutest person in the world ,belive in yourself
by txtfurrys June 12, 2020
The cutest person in the world is so loving and caring they put other first before them and there so cute
by PrinceBubbleGum November 3, 2018
Kadin Ewing is the cutest human being there is. He is the definition of cute. Although he doesn’t know it, it is nothing but true. His brown eyes, full lips, cute nose and amazing body make him the perfect human to exist.
Girl 1- You know who I just saw?

Girl 2- Who?

Girl 1- The cutest person ever.
Girl 2- Oh, you talking about Kadin?
Girl 1- Yea! The one and only.
by speak.the.truth.09 May 12, 2022
Talia is the cutest person in existence. She’s so precious and tiny. No one can convince me otherwise, not even Talia herself.
Naomi: Talia was soo cute today

Bull: I know right? She must be The Cutest Person in Existence

by bull_loafs_talia April 28, 2020
I am the cutest person alive!
Every single girl: Damn he is the cutest person alive
Me: *nods in agreement*
by CarterIsSmart69 August 2, 2021
Talia. There is no need for an explination. Thats how cute she is.
The cutest person in the world is talia.
by Sans_The_Skeleton2 July 1, 2019