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Something or someone who lights up a room when present. Someone or something with this factor has the ability to lift any depression or sadness while present.

While speaking about a person, do not confuse a woman that is 'hott' for one that has this factor. They are both the same amount of beautiful, but they have one key difference. This difference lies within the personality, someone that is referred to as 'hott' is most likely has a lack-luster or poor personality. Someone with the cuteness factor is most of the time 'hott' but she also has the bubbly personality that will make you happy no matter what.

Cuteness factor almost always means the person is 'hott' or 'beautiful' in appearance as well. Someone who is 'hott' generally means the person is merely physically attracting only.
Humans, puppies, kittens, anything that makes women 'awe', these all have the cuteness factor.
by MeadManDan February 17, 2011
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