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Cutchogue is a small town on the North Fork of Long Island. In reality it's prabably not even a town, more like a village. It is home to an elementry school, but after that students must attend high school in the next town/village over, called Mattitcuk. You may want to refer to the definition on Mattituck, because they are esentially the same dull place. The only exception is that Cutchogue is not home to The Strawberry Festival (Which is the sister town Mattituck's only event throughout the whole year). The people here are generally nice people, but many are redneck types. It really can't be helped in a town like this, there's nothing to do which leaves many to tending to the crops or mudding (driving thru piles of mud in feilds, for reasons unknown) in pickup trucks, dirt bikes, or other ATVs. There's really nothing to do here in Cutchogue, which brings me to the reason why im bothering to write this deffinition. I am writing this as a warning. Do not come to Cutchogue and/or mattituck for any period of time over a day or two. Heed this warning, and you shall be spared. Disregard it, and you will surely perish in a manner far more gruesome than you have ever imagined...
Example 1:

Cutchogue Teenager 1: hey whatcha doin?

Cutchogue Teenager 2: nuthin, u?

Cutchogue Teenager 1: nuthin, wanna do somethin?

Cutchogue Teenager 2: like wut?

Cutchogue Teenager 1: ...shit. there's absolutly nothing to do.

Cutchogue Teenager 2: maybe go to the movies in Mattituck?

Cutchogue Teenager 1: nothin good playin.

Cutchogue Teenager 2: sonofabitch...

Example 2:

Redneck Teenager 1: WE'RE GOIN MUDDIN' BITCHEZ!

Redneck Teenager 2: WOOOOOO! YYYEA!

Pickup Truck: VROOM! VROOM!
by The Wise Cutchogian September 20, 2010
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