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The creator of Ghouls Vs. Humans, which is widely known for ruining Skulltag. He thinks he is the god of everything and should be worshiped. In reality, he is just another loser trying to ruin something that was once beautiful and fun: Skulltag. Also, he accepts no criticism because he thinks everything he makes is perfect and everyone loves it.
1. "Hey look it's CutManMike! He's making another game to ruin Skulltag even more! Yay! Doom is dumb! Yay!"

2. "I spend 99% of my time trying to ruin fun for everyone by making shitty games," CutManMike said, "I also love it when people worship me as a god; they are the smart ones."

3. CutManMike needs to learn no one likes his shitty ass motherfucked bullshit games.

4. CutManMike just took a huge shit, it must be god's creation.
by Roflzlolz April 26, 2009
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