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Cursexual is a term used for anyone who has dick rode and bandwagoned Stephen Curry so much that Curry has become the basis of their sexuality and life. A Cursexual is likely to tell you some of the most blasphemous things you will ever hear. For example "Stephen Curry Is the G.O.A.T" πŸ™„or "Stephanie is better than Michael Jordan" or "Stephen is a better clutch shooter than Ray Allen" and any other insane, not even logical shit they can think of. A Cursexual is literally the most annoying sports fan ever. They weren't real fans until the 2014-15 season. They will tell you Curry is the greatest but not tell you why and then whenever you tell them 3-1 blown lead, or 0-10 3PT shooting or 1-11 3 point shooting or 1-6 in the fourth quarter of Game 7....They will blame his non-existent injuries the media fabricates as an excuse for him instead of giving him any blame. A Cursexual happens to be very sensitive to the feeling, so if you say 3-1 they may have traumatic flashbacks of LeBron's legacy saving block or Kyrie's Dagger on Curbitch on the right wing.

Curry vs LeBron

3-1 Leads blown

Curry 1
LeBron 0

LeBron 3
Curry 1

Final MVPs
LeBron 3
Curry 0 <---------- LMAOOOOOOOOO

Curry 2
LeBron 4

Scoring Titles
LeBron 1
Curry 0


LeBron 27,600+
Curry 13,000+

Rebounds: LeBron
Assists: LeBron
Steals: LeBron
Blocks : LeBron

Where is the real comparison?
Person 1: Stephen Curry is the greatest basketball player ever!
Any person who knows any basketball at all: Just stop it, you Cursexual.
by MiiNNEAPOLiiS January 02, 2017
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