A Cherokee word meaning "We stand alone together."

Currahee was the motto of the 506th Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne.

There is also Currahee Mountain in Georgia, from which the 506th got the motto.
2nd Platoon listen up! Good luck! God bless you! I'll see you in the assembly area. Currahee!
by fightgar January 20, 2011
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Currahee Mountain is the last mountain in the Blue Ridge chain of mountains. The name Currahee given by the Cherokee is translated "Stands alone."
During World War 11 the mountain again became a part of a War. The U.S. Army selected Currahee as the site for its first Parachute Infantry Training Center to be named Camp Toccoa. The training from this camp differed from parachute jumpers trained in other camps in that their shout as they jumped was "Currahee" instead of "Geronimo" which was commonly used. At the end of the war, the government turned the camp facilities over to the county. In 1972 the area was being used as an Industrial Complex. Currahe was the shout of US paratroopers during WWII
Paratroopers: currahee !!!!!!
by adam little August 21, 2005
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