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(adj.) Derived from the word curd. Used to describe a particularly voluptuous woman. One level above "thic".
1. "Damn, bro, Denise really grew into her body over the summer. She lookin' thic as fuck."

2. "No, thanks. I like me a thic woman, but that bitch is curdy."
by pussyhound69 May 16, 2018
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A man of impossible intelligence and good looks. His charisma and wit will draw you in, and once he is in your life no other man will ever be good enough for you. He will be called names such as "emo" and "geek" by his peers who feel threatened by his obvious superiority. They will also spread rumours, often making jokes about his manhood (which is, incidentally, large and in charge), in an attempt to tarnish his good name but will ultimately fail. In short, to be a curdy is to be a god on Earth, scorned by mortal men.
Sam: Damn, John's been pulling girls all night. When will we get lucky?
Matt: We just don't match up to him, he is a curdy after all.

Gary: Hey John, how you did manage to ace your tests when you spent all night partying?
John: What can I say, I'm a curdy.
by Sooonniiic X January 19, 2009
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Curdy is an adjective for your average cute but nerdy, the-boy-next-door type. A boy who is described as curdy may also be called adorkable or geekchic. Curdy is literally the combination of the words cute + nerdy. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE STUPID SLANG PUURTY. Like when people say pretty with a dumb accent.
Girl 1: Hey, look at that boy over there. With the glasses.
Girl 2: Awww, he's kinda curdy!

Boy 1: You know that girl in our grade? Super smart, really pretty?
Boy 2: Yeah, she's pretty curdy.
by melaine63 October 28, 2010
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