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The act of placing an unconscious or immobile individual's head against a curb or similar embankment with their mouth open and stepping on or kicking them in the head.
"After he gound out bert had stolen his last eight ball, ernie hauled his ass out and curb checked him."
by Daemonite March 25, 2003
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The act of observing where the edge of a concrete curb or median is in relation to the front tires of your vehicle
When about to clip a curb in a parking lot or while turning onto a divided highway one might yell:

"Curb check!"
by Stavrosnco May 02, 2005
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To have someone prop their mouth open on a curb and then you slam your foot on the back of their head.


Idea supposedly originated from the movie American History X, an anti-racism movie.

AKA curbed.
"Dayyum, that nigga got curbchecked."

"Ouch, bitch, that shit lookin' fierce."
by reclusebutterfly October 13, 2005
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