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A cuntwolf is a man, not a woman. There are two definitions which often stand above others.

A cuntwolf is a man who eats dog food and hijacks city buses, only to stop in the center of a small town, leave the bus with its passengers, and hitch-hikes back home.

A cuntwolf may also be a predator of the female plumbing, both figuratively and literally.
"I met this fella the other day. He was a real cuntwolf."

"Which kind?"

"He left us in some town called Pig's Knuckle Arkansas... so the kind that eats dog food."
by Pallaroo February 04, 2010
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a woman that is so viciously bitchy that she scares off men, in the way that a wolf would scare off prey.
man #1: "oh hey how did that date with that girl go?"
man #2: "oh man, it was awful. she made me want the date to end real fast... she was a real cuntwolf."
by Edolyn August 17, 2008
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