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Similar to a cunt-terror, this term refers to a situation or actual dream involving castastrophic levels of cunt-riddled happenings, of varying flavors. Typically entails damaged cars, the mall or some type of shoe sale, and loud/shrill brainless conversations, void of any intellect whatsoever. It can also refer to a location that tends to be an epicenter of frazzled snatch such as a shoe warehouse during a sale.
Dude, I just had the biggest cuntmare ever. I ran out of gas and my car coasted into the parking lot of the DSW Shoe Warehouse, during a sale, and 5 Lexus SUVs with bitches on their phones, slammed into my car. I felt better when the one bitch's Lexus caught fire and she went up in flames but then her 8 cans of hairspray must have exploded and the fireball caught my car on fire too. I'm so glad I woke up!!!!
by Masta Z August 19, 2013
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