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An old self righteous hag, commonly called a "cunt" who is usually fat, therefore making her a "fat cunt" Usually an old woman who works in the education department of school administrations or church sunday schools, and goes out of her way to get into other people's business no matter how rude she may seem and definitely thinks she is more important than everyone else. Always finding different ways to scold children or pollute their minds with warped views of christianity and moral ethics. Hair will look like she just brushed it with a rusty steel rake from the 70's. Smells like Old Spice, pepper, vinegar, and sometimes hibiscus, she can always be smelled within 35 ft. Commonly known as "the old bitch who grabbed my arm in sunday school and wouldn't let go until I apologized and you wanted to punch her in the teeth or stab her in the eye with school scissors"
She will usually have unusually high energy levels most likely due to a bipolar disorder, which makes her even more of a busy cunt on the loose. Definitely belongs in a psychiatric ward.
Yeah dude she's such a cuntistador, she almost ran me over with her beat up volvo yesterday, that cunt probably had a dozen errands to do, that cunt needs a PDA!!
by Rambo333 September 15, 2010
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