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The vaginal passage of the female cunt
im gonna stick my cock right up her cuntpipe
by cunt fucker November 20, 2003
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One who sticks a straw in a woman's pussy and blows bubbles in the vaginal fluids.
Guy 1: Don't be a cuntpipe, man
Guy 2: But, It's so much fun
by ghyslain is a faggot September 04, 2003
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A Rare form of vagina deformation(found in every 1/1000000 girls)which has several spike-shooting pipes which protrude 3-4 inches from the labia of the vag.
-Discovered by 011v3r N13m4nn, M4c L1nG0u$t4, AND D3r3K N1153n In LG, CA, CATS

Commonly used as an adjective for a girl who doesn't put out well.
Last night i fucked this crazy chick, she had a fuckin' cunt pipe man.

Dude i am so pissed, last night i was gonna get some but my girlfriend was such a cunt pipe.
by Oliver, Derek, Max February 03, 2008
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