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a huge prehistoric creature, with claw like hands, having no regard for their job that they've been doing for over ten years coupled with an inability to do said job and basically half-assing their way though their work day.
by mesqueunclub10 April 05, 2011
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There are no literary restrictions on the usage of cuntodactyl.
1. Inflamed cunt whom does nothing but shriek and bitch about everything, everyone, and their mother. The cuntodactyl species have a wide variety of shapes, sizes, attitudes, rides, and heels. They cause pandemonium everywhere they go. They tend to be quite the succubus when it comes to anyone who has something the cuntodactyl feels it needs.
1. β€œI caught my husband with the other woman in the parking lot at the Home Sweet Home motel. Tried to get that triflin’ cuntodactyl to climb down out of her Tahoe so I could kick her azz, but she was skeered. I punched that Kanye azzhole in the jaw instead.”

2. "Kanye West is a trifling cuntodactyl."
by TriflinHussy007 September 25, 2009
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