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The crusty organic substance accumulated on an unclean vagina. Cunt Lint is developed when a woman goes too long without bathing or douching. Effects are worse if woman is dry or post menopausal. Cunt Lint is closely related to Belly Button Lint.
Guy: Damn Gloria, you have to much Cunt Lint down there, your vajay feels like moist sandpaper.

Gloria: I don't believe in bathing, I like my own natural scent :-)
by Greib Minzadian April 26, 2011
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A substance that forms on the vagina of particularly unattractive women due to lack of use or cleansing.
Her cuntlint was thick and woven together with such force that even I couldn't penetrate it.
by Ragafin April 04, 2003
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n. lint left behind from thong or other undergarment usually discovered after going down on a girl's vagina. usually ends up on lip or tongue. sometimes not detected until lint reaches back of throat causing you to cough into said vagina. not considered dangerous or life-threatening but rather unpleasant and distracting.
man: mmmm mmmmm mmmm ECK! PPPPPTTTT PPPPPPPTTT HAK!

woman: babe what's wrong?

man: nothing. just got hold of a little cunt-lint. NOM NOM NOM
by PODevilman16 December 15, 2010
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