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used to describe a group of girls getting together. similar to when a group of guys are together and its called sausage fest.
A guy walks into a party and realizes that the party consists of all girls. the guy would say, " this party is a real Cunt Farm or "C" Farm.
by lil Kt January 16, 2011
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A group of female USDA employees on a girls night out after work. Considered obnoxious to bar staff due to their being very bad tippers and demanding customers. Usually spend the evening talking about meat inspection, which talk is frequently misinterpreted by men at the bar, whose advances are rejected only after they've bought drinks for the women. They also arouse resentment from other patrons, due to their constant bragging about all the federal holidays they get off, and because they smell like hay.
Those women who just left, the ones who left no tip and requested all that John Cougar Mellencamp at the jukebox, are known around here as the Cunt Farm or "C" Farm.

Cunt Farm Aid Willie Nelson
by The Fourth Man in the Tub February 21, 2011
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