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Having sex with someone you find repellent just to give your wrist a break
What the hell Phil, I can't believe you went home with that heffer last night!

Fuck it mate, it was just a cunt wank after all.
by RathanD July 10, 2008
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A rough,one sided act of love between a man and a woman.Notions of foreplay,scented candles and soft music go out the window in favour of a swift,joyless hump.
Pulled this stunner last nite,but I was so coked up I had a quick cunt wank and met up with the lads to go joy ride'in
by shitty Nicko November 25, 2004
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This is the act of love making some people encounter when in a long term loving mutually respectful relationship. None of these above conditions are necessary however for a cunt wank to occur. It is the situation when a female tells her partner "just get on with it" or "hurry up" or nothing at all whilst she is bent over watching television. A consensual act of Sex where the female plays no other active role other than being the owner of a glory hole.
Zoe and Jim were a loving couple. Zoe had just finished sucking some fluff covered malteases from Jim's gunt whilst watching the latest edition of Coronation Street. Jim took this act to be an invitation to initiate some 'Jimmy Loving' however Zoe was just peckish and knew there were no fresh pieces of chocolate in the flat, and knew Jim occasionally missed his mouth when feeding himself. Jim lowered his g - string and Zoe could see the twinkle in his eye. Rather than knock back her hunk of a man she just told him to enter her and get it over as quickly as possible as a break in the programme was due in a couple of minutes and she fancied a cup of tea. Jim helped himself to a cunt wank, everyone was a winner ad in a couple of minutes Jim lay satisfied smoking a cigarette and Zoe filled with Jim's little swimmers went to make herself a tea
by blue2sapphire February 19, 2014
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