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An abnormally fucked up midget whom can be hired or enslaved with the help of Mexican midgets in order to trim ungodly, nappy ass pubic hair, that block the puss. Upon purchasing or capturing a Cunt Trimmer, one can expect a slue of non-christian slang by the midget when first encounters the vagina. Examples are hereby posted: Fuck that pussy is nasty! How can you fuck this shit man!, This is nastier and my daughters vagina! etc. The Cunt Trimmer first untangles the 5 inch long matted hair into locks of smelly shit. Upon completion, the Cunt Trimmer eats the hair and regurgitates it inside the vagina thus cleansing the pussy and eliminating any obstacles. A Cunt Trimmer can be bought at your nearest Walmart, just as a pharmacist. You can also find these demons roaming the streets of Atlanta.
"Hey Frank, what did you buy your wife for Christmas?"
"I bought her a Cunt Trimmer. Her pussy was getting so out of hand, i could no longer see her face."

Mom: "So suzzy what would you like for your sixteenth birthday?"
Daughter: "Well mom, i could really use a Cunt Trimmer, my pussy is getting so nasty that my boyfriend wont even sit in the same car with me, let alone eat me out."

OH SHIT, what is that? it looks like Godzilla, call the station. Find a Cunt Trimmer.

The Bitch sure could use a cunt trim.
by WG gansta December 02, 2008
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