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Badass MMA fighter and actor, beat Frank Shamrock to become Strikeforce Middleweight Champion.
Cung Le's a beast, he's a great fighter and he's going to be starring in the new Tekken film!
by Ready4Akshun November 07, 2010
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I would cungle her like she's never been cungled before.
by st3vo April 21, 2004
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The act of a man releasing gas in the form of a queef out of his dickhole(thiscuit)
Omg guys I'm gonna cungle out of my pisshole!

Ugh eeww it smells like cungle in here
by timmyfingerslizallday March 28, 2008
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One who skips his or her friend in a weed rotation, then proceeds to not give said skipped friend Tuesdays on the next bowl pack.
That piece of shit JR is being a cungle right now
by Cunglese April 19, 2017
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British slang for someone who is being a total douche, a complete asshole, and a fuckwad all in one. Also works for people who prefer not to use the word 'cunt'.
Mostly used when a person is walking away form an argument.
1. " Fuck off, you bloody cungle!"
2. *under breath* "Fucking cungle..."
by Mira The Stripper March 20, 2018
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