Only the most kick ass mixed martial arts promotion in the world! Recently bought by Zuffa, who owns the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Their shows are professional, high energy and the awesome! Shown on Showtime and Showtime pay-per-view.
Man, you watchin' the Strikeforce show Saturday night? Are you serious homeboy? I would not miss that for the world! Wifey is going over to her sisters and all my boys are comin' over and you're invited!
by ronmetrx1 June 18, 2011
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a fucking shit jet that this dumb cunt TheProfessional thinks it's the best dogfighter in the game but it ain't
oh this chump just pulled out a B-11 Strikeforce lemme go fuck him up with my P996 Lazer
by Subscribe2PewDiePie September 14, 2020
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