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A nauseous feeling in your gut the morning after from guzzling ten plus loads of semen
After my wild night having a suck fest I ingested so much cum I had a cumover.
by lalaloveless June 28, 2016
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When a male stands perpendicular and cums on another man or woman's head. The cum lands on the recipient's head like a Comb Over.
Last night, John gave me a Cum-over and it went in both of my ears!
by Big Goosey May 29, 2009
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Phrase used when you want someone to come to your place and have hot steamy relations with them all day and night.
**Vajessa speaking to Jacob on the phone**Cum over so that we can cuddle and watch movies.
*Bethany over hears and laughs to herself* Yeah, cuddling and movies... riiight!...
by PineappleJuice March 14, 2015
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