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distantly related to and resembling the cowlick- most famously showcased in "There's Something About Mary". One might best describe a cumlick as a product of ignorance and necessity. Improvisation in this instance was not an effective practice as cum should not replace your everyday hair gel.
Cameron Diaz sported a cumlick in "There's Something About mary" after mistaking cum on Ben Stiller's ear for hair gel and applying it to her blonde locks.
by M&E April 29, 2008
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1. One who licks cum.

2. A self proclaimed cum dumpster.

3. Synonymous with the derogatory term douche bag.

4. A sexual fetish in which a member of the sexual interaction consumes the semen of the other member(s) involved in the sexual act.

5. Similar to a salt lick for horses. The only difference is that this consists of cum!
"I wish I could be your cum lick!"


"I hate her/him so much, (s)he is such a cum lick."


"I am feeling an urge to partake in a cum lick."
by RCGJR January 27, 2009
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