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1. When you cum on a swing-able object(like a rope) and you swing it around making the cum shoot out in many different directions, therefore making the area you cumcoptered in (such as a room)randomly stained with your sperm. Usually done in other people's houses as a prank or if you really hate them.
Example: Person 1: yo Jason, im going to prank James by pulling a Cumcopter in his room.
Person 2: Good idea Jimmy, i fuken hate that kid, that prank would deserve a roflcopter.
Person 1: I get it they both end in copter... anyways can i borrow a swinging like object so i can do it?
Person 2: ya sure let me go get my sisters skip-it.
by jeff sc April 20, 2008
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projected load of jit that exits the penis with such force as to cause a spinning motion somewhat similar to that of a helicopter roter in motion.
Her forehead makes a great landing pad for a cum-copter.
by C. Hinchey May 31, 2008
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At the point of intercourse where the male has an orgasm, he pulls out and spins his body in such a way to make the penis whirl around like a helicopter blade; therefore disseminating his semen throughout the area.
"Just when I thought he was done, Tommy pulled out and did a cumcopter and splatted his cum all over my walls"
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by ledirious August 10, 2016
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