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small and insignificant island,situated just off the coast of largs in the middle of the clyde, populated by inbreds and odd and absent minded immigrants from glasgow in it's only town, millport.

During the summer when(if) the sun is splitting the skies, or if the weather is warm, weird people like to cycle bikes round the perimeter of the island for leisurely reasons.

Millport also has a country and western weekend, when large numbers of alcoholics and country and western fans from around the country descend upon the island to take part in social events and have a drink (getting absolutely f**king carparked out their brains).
Smith: Hey, fancy going on a trip to cumbrae?

Bloggs: Are you having a laugh? don't be daft, I'd rather run about Dublin wearing a rangers top, waving the union flag around and shouting abuse outside catholic churches
by Hector the magpie July 17, 2009
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