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A Cumbleswatch is a type color swatch used to compare the color of your semen to the rest of the population.
Hank: "Hey Carlton, I bought that new Cumbleswatch I seen on T.V last night. It was only $19.95 and it was buy one get one for free. I thought you might be interesed in one since i know you a little creepy and sexually perverted.

Carlton:"You know Hank, I'm way ahead of ya! I already have 4 of them because the first three I purchased got ruined because I came all over them and forgot to clean them off so my semen just dried up and I couldnt scrape it off so I said what the hell and got another one! This one is starting to get a little dirty so I'm thrilles that you have another one for me!

Hank:"I says on mine that I have Irish semen; what about you Carlton?"

*Carlton died from cardiac arrest because masturbated too much. He was also very fat. Carlton couldn't respond to Hanks question."
by fat obese lady July 12, 2017
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