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The act of ejaculating on one's bagel, using the semen instead of cream cheese. A good prank.
Ted: How the hell did you pull a cumbagel??!! I was only in the bathroom for two minutes!

Mark: Your mom helped.
by Brodi Finkelstein December 05, 2010
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A game played by a group of three or more men and a pastry of your choice (preferably a bagel). The object of the game is to masterbate and ejaculate on the pastry (if you ejaculate but miss it does not count). who ever is last to do so must eat the pastry.
If Bill, Joe, Stan are playing Cum bagel. Joe ejaculates and hits the bagel, Bill ejaculates but misses the bagel, and Stan ejaculates and hits the bagel, Then Joe and Stan would be safe and Bill must eat the seaman-covered bagel.
by TheLizM October 17, 2010
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