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{kum keeler} noun, 1. Anything that brings intercourse to a non-climactic end and completely kills any and all sex drive/desire 2. A person that starts crying and/or becomes overly needy, emotional, contemplative and/or somber during intercourse
That shotgun blast to my ass was a real cum killer.

Her nasty fart was a real cum killer.

She's a real cum killer - all of a sudden she started to sob while we were shagging.
by Stupid Is As Stupid Does September 15, 2009
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A girl or group of semi-nasty thick thighed girls who "cock block" a mans seed sharing attempt with their hot friend.
A Guy named "Guy" has made successful moves on a hottie named Brenda at a local bar. He heads over as last call was announced to take her back to his place for some "Dipping Fun" and out of nowhere Brendas friend approaches

Hot Chicks friend "Kerri Kankles" - Brenda ummm my socks keep falling down and I'm embarrassed can you take me home?

Hot Chicks friend 2 "Yeah Brenda ummmm we"re kinda hungry too can we stop by and get 15 krystal burgers on the way home?

Brenda being the faithful friend tells Guy that tonight is not a good not.

Guy turns to his friends..."That my friends are a couple of cum killers"

by dangchicago April 16, 2009
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