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A row of males ready to cum while a female goes to each male and lets them cum anywhere they want till she gets every man to cum,hence a cum train
Did you hear Becka did a cum train with the hole football team
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When a man cums on a girl's ass crack so that it trickles down into another girl's mouth.
Guy: Here comes the cumtrain!
Girl: It better not be late like last time.
by Crazyfool99 July 31, 2008
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Cum Train is when a group of hippie, free-spirited, or adventurous females join together to eat each other out. Typically this is a scheduled event, timed after their synced period ends.
Guy: “I wonder if there is such thing as a cum train...”
*Girl passes by and laughs as she remembers yesterday’s cum train with her ‘girlfriends’.
by Birdflys123 June 29, 2018
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