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(Noun) An individual who talks a lot of shit, fast. Their lips moving at an alarming rate which causes “smacking” sounds, simulating the sound of chewing loudly. disgusting saliva oozing from their gums like cum. Hence- Cum Chewer. Often used to describe someone who spits when they talk.
Jamal: damn nigga, did you see Tyrone going on and on about the fuckin’ basketball game he won?

Philip: Yeah, he was raving about it. I could feel the spray all on my face every time he said “bathsketball”. What a Cum Chewer.
by Dick Man Bebe April 23, 2018
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A slut who sucks a lot of dick; a slut
"bro you hear what slutty mc slut slut did last night?"
"I already know dude, shes a fucking cum chewer"
by Baby222222 August 10, 2008
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