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A person who changes their own accent, phrasing, or mannerisms to match the assumed accent, phrasing, or mannerisms of their audience. Often results in embarrassment when the wrong accent or mannerism is chosen or when the audience feels offended by the pirating.
"Did you just bow to the waiter?"
"Yes, why?"
"...We're in an Indian restaurant! You're such a culture pirate!"
by liversounds June 26, 2014
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Someone who copies the fashion, hairstyles, music, language or unique ethnic elements from another group in order to make money. Also cultural piracy. It differs from cultural appropriation because it is done specifically to make money not just to look cool. cultural appropriation, cultural vulture, black culture, fashion, hip hop, rap music, Hollywood, thief, pirate, piracy, steal, cultural piracy
My friend Jake is a total culture pirate, he takes the latest fashion from hip hop and brags about how he came up with the idea.
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by joecoolthefool June 09, 2017
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