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Cuinn is a proper name. Pronounced just like Quinn. Cuinn is seldom used as a baby name for boys. It is not listed within the top 1000 names. In 2008, out of the group of boy names directly related to Cuinn, was Quinn. The reason is because the name Cuinn is almost too sacred to use. In Ireland (where it was originated) you cannot look the person directly in the eye that posses this name spelled with a "C".

If a woman is lucky enough to catch and hold the gaze of this person they will be filled with uncontrolled horniness.

Because of this men, with the name Cuinn have a natural understanding on how to please a woman. When they die they are believed to turn into sex gods.
I was trapped in Cuinn's eyes and my panties were soaked.
by lover102689 January 12, 2010
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The best female tic toc dancer, aryan race and is what the locals call, “pretty rad”

She will out dance you, out smart you and make you feel like a midget
Oh shit that’s not a giraffe it’s Cuinn
by Vag slayer420 October 21, 2019
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A Cuinn is an annoying scumbag. That is

a fucking shithead that sucks at Fortnite, PUBG, Super Smash Bros., and everything else. Also he is a gay boy that loves turtles. Believes in mythical creatures like the yeti and thou they are fake. If you know a Cuinn, turn around and ran away.
Person 1: Look there its a Cuinn

Cuinn: Hi
Person 1 and 2 runs away in horror
by Yautja King May 24, 2019
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