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The state of being a man whom gains sexual gratification or arousal either by watching or thinking of his marital partner being sexually involved with other men. People resort to such acts due to their own lack of moral sense, propriety, integrity, self-esteem or self-consciousness or all of the aforementioned. Whereas a romantic relationship between the two individuals demands honesty, mutual understanding, concern and trust between the partners, not any of these feelings are present in a relationship of a cuckold and his spouse. Instead, the cuckold focuses on the "relationship" of his partner and other men, depreciating his actual relationship. Such relationships have lost their meaning, purpose and justification for an existence of such institution.
I think my friend practises cuckoldry.
-That's just sad tbh.
by LITGTT_what_this_means? February 10, 2021
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The fetish that consists of watching others have sex with plants.
"I've never fucked a plant in my life"
"But you still could. I have to watch you closely"
"Is that your fetish? Plant-cuckoldry?
by The Crawdaddy February 11, 2020
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