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Term denoting overly entitled, hypocritical and judgemental people who like to whine and complain about their own problems as the end of society, while everyone else s problems are their own fault.

Portmanteau of Cuckold and Special Snowflake. It combines the passive weakness of a cuckold with the constant complaining of injustice of Snowflakes.

Cuckflakes are too weak willed to stand behind and defend their position, whining and crying when anyone disagrees and accuse them of the same. Cuckflakes use ad hominem attacks to derail and transform the discussion to avoid having to come out on the loosing side , or make their ignorance on the topic apparent.

Unlike the snowflakes that complain that everything should be given to them, Cuckflakes expect everyone else to deal with disadvantages they do not as if everyone was on equal ground.

Cuckflakes live by the motto "Do as I say, not do as I do."

Commonly found parroting catch phrases and talking points in online forums ripped from talk radio pundits, cable news outlets complaining about wars on Christmas, and screaming conspiracy theorists on the internet that reinforce what they want to believe, instead of doing research and vetting the validity of their sources on the subjects they want to rant about.

Despite this unwillingness to discuss a topic or be knowledgeable about it, they are ridiculously vocal about letting everyone know what they think.
"You cuckflakes do not realize that you are everything you just attacked"

"Just another cuckflake puking out quotes from Alex Jones and Robert Davi"

"You cuckflakes promote transforming this country into something it has never been"

"Look at all the snowflake on cuckflake textual violence"

"No wonder cuckflakes like you elected Trump, You both write and think on a third grade level"

"It is this plague of cuckflakes that are ruining this nation with their treasonous selling out the people to the government and corporations that they are too dense to realize they will be the first victims of."
by Viroodiem November 29, 2017
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A nickname given to Donald Trump and/or his supporters.
Resign from the presidency, cuckflake.

Poor cuckflake can be all racist and act like a badass until things get real.
by Wizquifa April 18, 2018
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