A length of time that is extended beyond the normal measure or standard by society. Usually by an incrementing setting, such as hours later than expected.

IE: Alternate dimension of time that Cubans use or those native to the Miami area.
Dude where is Getter with the Rp ?

Dunno man he runs on Cuban Time.
by Shiaru Ishtar March 15, 2011
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The time frame that most people in Miami use for arriving for partys or events.
I.E. an hour or more late
"Dude, where is everyone? The party started at 8."
"They're running on Cuban Time, man."
by Scott Willson September 8, 2005
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The length of time, usually between 15 minutes and 1 hour 42 minutes, it takes for a native of Miami, Florida to show up to any specific scheduled event, such as work.
Rico got fired from work because he was always running on Cuban Time!
by The Lawrence May 22, 2007
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