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Crystal Clearwaters is a fictional character whom is the definition of perfect. She is the girl you imagine to be smart, talented, gifted, athletic, sweet, beautiful, kind, funny, the right height, slim yet curvy, bumful with bustage, crazy, a great cook, a good friend and girlfriend. You want to be a Crystal Clearwaters.. Who wouldnt want to be a Crystal Clearwaters?
Mindy: OMG Crystal Clearwaters is so perfect! I so want to be her!
Jalissa: I know right! Did you see Crystal Clearwaters' test scores and her phenomenal tennis match?
Briella: Not to mention Crystal Clearwaters' violin and piano recital last week.
Natalia: Oh and Crystal Clearwaters' solo dance to swan lake was just so perfect.
by milly don June 12, 2014
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