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A video game made exclusively for the PC platform. Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason has one of the best campaigns out of any first person game. It isn't your typical action shooter, it is a survival horror game that is deep and compelling. The game may frighten teenagers.

Cryostasis features the NVIDIA PhysX engine, which is the most advanced physics engine available. PhysX runs off of your video card. Due to the incredible amount of PhysX calculations in the game (especially after the patch), this game requires more GPU power than the Crysis games. So those who can't run the Crysis games will not run Cryostasis. Cryostasis benefits greatly from a dedicated PhysX processor.
Cryostasis is the best game of 2009. It is almost comparable with the Silent Hill games. It runs just fine maxed out at 1680 x 1050 on my PC (except AA and AF are off).
by ☢_☢ August 14, 2009
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