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Generally used as a name for a male who is conceived during a time of war, or a male born into a warrior type of class.
Crymsun is a brave and skilled warrior.
by Apache Warrior January 02, 2010
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Someone who is caring, loveing and an amazing friend. She usualy puts other people before herself and is always there. Its someone who has a strong head on their sholders and makes wise decitions. They know whats right and stick by it. One of the best friends you could ever wish for.
Alysha: I cant believe i did that Crymsun, how stupid of me!
Crymsun: Dont worrie. Everything will be ok.
Alysha: But what if its not
Crymsun: It will, I will make sure of it

Example 2
Alysha: Hey Crimmy, I wanted to know if you wanted to go to my Volleyball game today? Its Wheat Ridge vs. Golden Faggots.
Crymsun: Well im really really sick and i feel like crap.
Alysha: Aw darn! I wanted you there to see my spike the ball in Goldens ugly faces.
Crymsun: Ok I will be there then.
by Lysh<3 March 04, 2009
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