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1. Someone who complains about things when they don't go his way

2. Someone who is whining because his peers are too lazy to do anything

3. Someone who gets annoyed over little, unimportant things and complains about them.
1. Person 1: Why is Cristiano Ronaldo complaining to the red so much because he didn't get that penalty?

Person 2: He's such a cryboi.

2. Person 1: hey you wanna go play soccer

Person 2: ehh, seems like a lot of work.

Person 1: oh my god, you never do anything, all you do is sit around playing video games, you're gonna get fat and out of shape.

Person 2: quit bein a cryboi.

3. Person 1: Look at this jackass. Don't you see the line on the road where you're supposed to stop your car? The line's not there because you're supposed to fucking ignore and drive half way out onto the God damn crosswalk!

Person 2: quit bein a cryboi.
by gonebygorilla April 10, 2015
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