When you joke about a sad topic, e.g. being lonely, wanting to commit suicide or having no friends and hoping that someone realises the joke is not really a joke
I wrote this definition as a joke to make my friends laugh, im actually very lonely and i just want a hug. This is a cry for help. Also LOL XD OMEGALOLS
by DIRTYFILTHYFELLA March 19, 2019
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*makes any noise*
that was a cry for help.
and it was mine.
oh that idiot made a noise like a duck it was a cry for help
by name1001 February 18, 2020
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I'm so tired of everything this is why I wrote this Is a cry for help please let me out of this basement I have been trapped for 10 years help.
This is a cry for help please help God please God please I have been hunting the rats for food help I have to drink my own pee help help help help help help help
by Imbored9876 September 25, 2023
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You had better hope not.
Hym "Hey, can we stop pretending that you all wouldn't be singing an entirely different tune if you had ended up scraping some little girl brain up off of some linoleum or fishing some whore out of a bathtub? You know that's what you're doing right? Pretending. Pretending that you wouldn't be doing a VERY different version of pretending you hadn't seen this. Too the grave. That's where you would have taken this. Someone would have told you about the shooting and you would feint ignorance 'Oh, man, that's terrible somebody should have stopped that guy. We need to get rid of guns or protect our kids better.' But the 'somebody' is YOU and you don't have to take the guns away OR protect your kids better. You just have to not be a piece of shit. If this was 'a cry for help' can you really even say you care about things like that? Look at your solutions to problems in life. 'Someone else should have to do something about that.' You're doing 'the work' and have no responsibility to anyone else. THEY have the responsibility to everyone and themselves... To make your reality more pleasant (peripherally) so that you don't quite have to feel so bad..."
by Hym Iam October 3, 2023
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